Every day opens with a variation band consisting of the organizers Mayhem/Escho called MESCHOMAYHE EMESCHOMAYH YHEMESCHOMA AYHEMESCHOM 



Howling feedback and monotonous beats centered around the phenomenon who calls himself the war god.

18:00 Jonas Okholm
Jonas Okholm Jensens prose is a window into his own absurd normality.

18:25 P.O. Jørgens
Hypnotizing patterns from Denmarks grand old avantgarde drummer

19:25 DKNJTP
Dan Kjær Nielsen and Jakob Tvilling Pless from Iceage will torch the ground with their unique music

20:10 HARAAM
HARAAM is Martin Schacke who defines the new pure generation of harsh noise

20:55 Nikolas
The uncontrollable trio of trance is inviting everyone for the dance of cracked doom

21:40 Cancer
play unsentimental sentimental music for the water in your body, with guitar voice and recorded samples, beautiful.

22:40 Ymers Pizza
Ymers Pizza is heavily distorted trombone from Maria Bertel of Selvhenter fame

23:15 Puce Mary
Puce Mary has found her own powerful voice in the new international industrial scene

00:15 Værket
Værket is the best young prog-band in the world!



13:10 Frk. Jacobsen
Frk. Jacobsen is drummer Anja Jacobsen of Selvhenter playing a sort of luscious minimal afropopmodernism

13:50 Grøn
Grøn is Bjarke Rasmussen from the excellent electronic tape label Infinite Waves

14:30 TS Høeg
Outertainer and living legend. Expect saxophone and words you did not know existed.

15:15 CAAST
Awkward art performance with sound and choreography

16:10 Diekmann
Maria Diekmann from Selvhenter plays repetitive drones on violin

16:55 Assembler
Assembler is artist Claus Haxholm as tight postinternet techno

18:10 Sonja La Bianca
Sonja La Bianca from Selvhenter plays sax and keys in intricate patterns

18:35 Anders Jørgen Mogensen
Yet another jump into the nightmarish swamps of reality

18:55 Jaleh
Jaleh Negari from Selvhenter plays exquisite layers of keys, gongs and drums

19:40 Naja Vucina Pedersen
Naja Vucina Pedersen will bring the pain and the pain and the pain.

20:10 Gooms
Gooms is a gaudy Pied Piper leading adolescent souls away from adult life’s unlucky musical rituals. Every possibility exist in the band’s universe.

21:10 Balslev & Nielsen
Balslev & Nielsen plays improvised feedback and weirdness 

22:10 Smerz
Smerz throws a party of dark matter, dancing music in a puddle of thick warm feelings.


10:00 Shakespeare Pigerne
shakespeare pigerne is a band in honour of italian communist visionary pier paolo pasolini (emil elg / asta olivia nordenhof / abel dalum / albert "køter" madsen)


13:20 El Hombre Invisible
Who is this guy?

13:45 Johs Lund
Johannes Lund presents his own quintet performing new circular pieces on saxes, trombone, percussion and keys

14:35 Family Underground
Family Underground has crafted out their own weird psychedelic sort of underground chaotic drumless rock

15:35 Rasmus Graff
Rasmus Graff is a Danish poet reading his brand new material 

16:05 Anden Enhed
Anden Enhed erupted somewhere out of the vault of 70s psych, kraut and electronic vintage music

17:05 Tomoko
Tomoko Sauvage plays a delicate sort of meditative sound art with water filled pots 

18:05 TR Kirstein
TR Kirstein has teamed up with Nis Bysted (Thulebasen) to bang up a ferocious wall of ecstatic feedback

19:20 Croatian Amor
Croatian Amor is the sensual ambient moniker of Loke Rahbek from Posh Isolation 

20:20 Krigsgud Digte
Jens Pihl Kofoed aka The Wargod reads text about terrorism, sex and.. well.. war

20:50 Christian Stadsgaard
Christian Stadsgaard from Posh Isolation makes powerful electronic drones 

21:50 Kenneth Jensen
One of best writers at the moment will invite you into reality.

22:25 To\To
The drum duo To\To (Toke\Tobias) plays intense and physical multiple drum patterns 

23:10 Age Coin
Adventurous techno for the stoned witch hunters in the night



13:15 Marie Eline
Marie Eline is brings some grunge back to the people in A minor with clapping on one and three. This new band has members from Værket and Thulebasen.

13:55 Jens Kæmpe
Jens Kæmpes many layered poetry could be the next big thing

14:25 Caribisk
Jazz improvisations from the best out there. Legends Jesper Zeuthen (Saxofonist) and Rune Kielsgaard (drums), lead this free music and us into another dimension of sonic bliss.

15:25 Small White Man 1
Is the visual artist FOS contribution to music as a whole. Presenting his collaborative improvisational machine, with a group 6 musicians that have never played together before. 2 sets.

16:15 Jonas Olesen
Jonas Olesen plays strange electronic music on old equipment such as sleep machines and test records 

17:15 Andreas Führer
Andreas Führer presents a sort of text – and piano based conceptual pocket opera

18:15 Small White Man 2

19:05 Sandra Boss
Sandra Boss plays fine post electronic on faulty machinery and tone generators

20:05 Mayhem Kommuneband
Mayhem Kommuneband is chaotic sample music

21:15 Marching Church
Flamboyant rock! with members of Iceage, Lower, Værket and Hand of dust

22:25 Yen Towers
Dance studies of monochrome techno by Simon Formann of now disbanded Lower

23:10 Easy Rider
Easy Rider plays danceable improve with manic vocals, out of control guitar and groovy drums.